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CALL INDIA - SUMMER FUN 2013 - SPECIAL $10 - 2012 mins Any Cell

Call India SUMMER FUN 2012 - A SPECIAL  OFFER - $10 for 2013 mins call any CELL number in India.

                     WOW  !  That is a rate of $.0049 per minute .

                 This special is for Limited time but minutes bought will not expire. 


This is a first time offer here is how it works:

The plan is for normal 1112 mins to any cell number in India.  You get a 150 minute bonus on sign up and 150 minute bonus every 30 days for next 5 months, meaning total 900 minutes absolutely FREE. After the first purchase, the 150 minutes bonus is added to your account for next 5 months like this:

ON SIGNUP you get initial 1113 mins + 150 free mins  = 1263 mins, for this you will pay

$10  + $8.50 Access fee   + $3 Processing Fee.

2nd Month - 150 Mins FREE ADDED  you pay $0.00

3rd Month  - 150 Mins FREE ADDED  you pay $0.00

4th  Month  - 150 Mins FREE ADDED  you pay $0.00

5th  Month  - 150 Mins FREE ADDED  you pay $0.00

6th  Month  - 150 Mins FREE ADDED  you pay $0.00

TOTAL  2013 mins  given on this purchase .




  • Get 2013 Mins (1113 Regular and 900 BONUS MINS) to call any Cell number in INDIA, that is at rate of $0.0045 per minute .Minutes don't expire.
  • Get 1100 mins on every recharge, this takes place when balance goes below $2.
  • Get 1263 mins on sign up (1113+150) and 150 Bonus mins monthly for 5 months.
  • Get log in details to login to your own My account online and set up ONE TOUCH Speed Dial , save up to 9 frequently dialed numbers.
  • Call from 2 registered numbers.
  • The account is set as AUTO TOP UP , which is required to receive FREE mins offered in this plan. Also 600 mins of usage monthly is required to stay active in the plan,     when balance is less than $2.00 your account will be topped up for $10.00 +$8.00 + 3.50 processing and 1100 mins will be added to your account.
  • Auto top up is a required feature to stay active in this plan ,when it is cancelled, one loses the FREE minutes , also the plan gets canceled.
  • Call Any LAND LINE number in India and pay only $0.018 per minute.
  • No Contract, Cancel any time.
  • No taxes or Rental Fee  total price on Signup  $10.00 +$8.00 + $3.50 = $21.50 .


  Activation Fee Initial Payment Monthly Payment
CALL INDIA - SUMMER FUN 2013 - SPECIAL $10 - 2012 mins Any Cell $11.50 $10.00 $0.00
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